To You

Lagu ini pertama kali kudengar wkt SMU kelas 3 menjelang Ebtanas, Tintin yang nyanyi di ruang PDKK di sekolah…awalnya aku ga tau ini lagu apa dan dari mana asalnya, tp aku suka liriknya..setiap kalimat yang ada di dalamnya, aku suka sekali wkt dibilang ‘You set me in Your family, calling me Your own….. I belong to You’.

Terakhir2 barulah kutau ini lagunya Hillsong.





Here I stand forever in Your mighty land

Living with Your promise written on my heart

I am Yours surrendered wholly to You

You set me in Your family

Calling me Your own



Now I, I belong to You all I need

Your Spirit Your Word Your truth

Hear my cry my deep desire

To know You more

In Your Name I will lift my hands

To The King this anthem of praise I bring

Heaven knows I long to love You

With all I am


I belong to You


3 Responses to To You

  1. criz says:

    nice song..

  2. criz says:

    cihiyyyy.. ganti theme nih ye 😛

  3. siskawidjaya says:

    hehehehe…napa gitu? nyari yg lbh praktis neh.. 😛

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