Live Worship

Pernah denger lagu ini? i like it most, especially when I am myself with my Lord. Just enjoy it 🙂

Terry McAlmon, worship leader at the World Prayer Center in Colorado Springs, wrote these lyrics:

Do you hear the sounds of heaven

Like the sound of many waters.

It’s the sound of worship coming from the throne

There are shouts of adoration

As men from every nation

Lift their voice to make His glory known

Singing….Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord

Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord,

The elders and angels bow, the REDEEMED

Worship You now…

Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord


The author of 90 MINUTES IN HEAVEN in recent interview with Paula White said that of all the memories he had of being in heaven for that 90 minutes, the most vivid was the heavenly music. He shared that everyone was in worship before the throne and their worship song was ‘Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord God Almighty’

I wonder sometimes if we truly have a spirit and soul understanding of God’s holiness and what that means in our lives as we live out our relationship with Him. What does God have to say to us about holiness as we, His bride, represent Him in the world? In Leviticus 11:44 God said to Israel.. ‘you shall consecrate yourselves, and you shall be holy for I am holy’.

You shall consecrate yourselves. We have a responsibility to pursue our own consecration, to consecration ourselves from the love of the world and to the love of God. We know that this is a life long process and one that occurs ‘from glory to glory’. I cannot say that I fully understand what that means except that with every submission to Him a little more of his glory shines through us. Paul tells us in Rm 8:29 that we were predestined to conform to the image of His son. Before the Son was made flesh and dwelt among us the end was settled. Those who claim His name were  predestined to be like Him…holy.


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